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Writing a book is not hard!

Writing a GOOD novel in another story.

It's taken me four years to write a frickin' novel. I've spent thousands on editors. My life has been something akin to a priest living a life of loneliness in the pursuit of crafting perfect wording, proper plotting, and genius character development.

Is it good? That's for you readers to decide.

Has it been worth it? I'd say it has. But I have to admit, the day the book was actually published on Amazon, my enthusiasm took a curve ball to the gut when I heard someone mentioned....MARKETING!

As the brain saying goes, Creative Right Brain vs Logical Left. I consider myself right brain dominant. Which pushed me along to pursue being an author. When I finished, the left brain left me standing as the marketing-bus pulled away.

Allow me to back up a little and give you an unvarnished sketch of my journey to publishing so far.

IT STARTED WITH AN IDEA. Yeah the right brain got me into this game. I remember a book I read as a kid that caught my attention for fiction. Three guys who struggle to survive in a raft in the ocean. It hooked me and made me realize I've always been a dreamer. Ever since that first novel, I've had a fascination for how I could be pulled into a world that didn't exist. So, fifty years later, I realized I wanted to bring my dreams to the page and pull readers into an exciting world I created. How hard could it be? BINGO. I was hooked. BAZINGA! Little did I realize the challenge it would be to put those dreams into words like Stephen King did, how Dean Koontz, Dennis LeHane, Patricia Highsmith, Cormac McCarthy, Ruth Rendell, Phillip Roth, and all those other luminaries of fiction could do it so easily. Now I've learned they did it through hard work. And one thing I've learned about my first book.....I did it by making all the possible mistakes in the journey to publishing BLOODLINE RUN. I hope you check in on the following posts to hear. WAYS NOT TO DO IT.

I'll leave the marketing to discuss later.

Stay tuned!

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