Taut Psychological Thriller


A gripping, fast-paced, psychological plunge into delusion, fear, and desperation. Pete Longer is the descendent of a brutal ancient bloodline, the son of a fraudulent preacher and a prostitute mother. He's running from the sins of the cruel dual identity he carries in his head. Who presides over the violence and depravation?. Can he outrun it.? What will save him? A woman?  A no-name child of the future? Tick tock, the garrote of his past tightens on the unbelievable conclusion.

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Suspenseful Nail Biter

She's the Bohemian girl men secretly admire and want to be with. Young, precocious, quick-witted. Exciting to befriend, intoxicating to take up with. Even wives and girlfriends love the quirky innocence, the frolicsome virtue, and good-natured affection she radiates by day. But when the sun sets, NATALIE is a seasoned operator who steals the oxygen from the room in the dark of night.

She's pure disobedience for hire.

Look for it!