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I'm your overnight success writer with only a decade of blood sweat and tears in learning the craft of writing. Now I can call myself...

"Welcome, readers. If you enjoy unique, character-driven novels with twisty plots, you're in the right place. My novels and short stories primarily focus on these elements, aiming to entertain while prompting reflection on human nature and the consequences of our choices. I strive to create unforgettable reading experiences that linger long after you've turned the final page.

Colorado has been my home for over two decades. When I'm not writing, I'm addicted to pickleball, and I also enjoy skiing, golfing, and fishing. After a day of outdoor activities and hours of writing, I like to unwind with a good glass of red wine.

I hope you find something here that captures your interest. Stay tuned for my upcoming works!"

Look for my new thriller.

August 23
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