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I Want To Say

Okay... I'VE BEEN BAD!

Early on, when starting this blog, I said I would be explaining the mistakes I made when writing my debut novel, BLOODLINE RUN. And how I told myself, I would not make the same mistakes again in the next novel. NATALIE'S WAY.

Well.... I've been derelict in those promises. Especially when I continued to make the same mistakes again in the second book. So, let me hit on one of the high points I wish I would have realized before now. Maybe caution a few writers to save themselves on spending.


This is for aspiring and emerging fiction authors. We (me included) toil in a pursuit some say is a SUICIDE MISSION. The % of writers who become successful full-time authors who can afford to pay a monthly mortgage/rent payment, buy food, raise a child or two, and put gas in the car is pathetically low. But what is a labor of love, anyway? So keep writing, keep the dream alive, but do this.

Chisel out a promise to yourself in granite, set it in your kitchen cabinet, and focus on it every day. And especially read it before spending a dime on anything related to your writing.




Just this week, I heard stories from three writer friends lamenting about a painful, expensive purchase that yielded little in return. In two of the cases it was marketing their books. In one of the cases, they received nothing at all. I am not immune from those stories. I have a saying I repeat to myself often.

"I've never had an education I didn't have to pay for."

Here's a blog suggestion. Dani Clifton publishes a weekly blog geared toward new and emerging writers. Check it out.

I'll post weekly what I've learned and am still learning. Stay tuned writers.


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