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  • Chet Baker

HARD CANDY- Movie Review

If you're a fan of thrillers, psychological suspense, edgy movies, and haven't seen HARD CANDY, you've missed one of the best. Not much of a set up, but no need. It's tight right from the get-go, fast moving, with a simple but brilliant plot. The ending ain't so bad either. Two characters: a splendidly precocious teenage girl and a manipulated pedophile mix it up. Ellen Page (Juno), (before she transitioned to Elliott Page) steals the show with her delivery of provocative dialogue lines. And Patrick Wilson, the self-assured photographer interested in little girls, turns in a terrific performance that should make every man think twice about the dangers inherent in immoral pastimes. There's some reviews that chew on the questions: Who's the bad one in the story. It can go either way, depending on your viewpoint.

I loved this one. Check it out. You won't be disappointed if you enjoy ghastly retributions in the end.

Another great David Slade movie.



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