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I can't believe it's been two years since my first posting to introduce me to you as an author. And also announce the launch of my debut Novel, BLOODLINE RUN, which was supposed to publish two years ago! That's an indication of how much I didn't know about the writing and publishing of a book.

So, future postings will focus on what I've learned about writing. I bet I've made all, every single mistake possible. I'll also mention authors, books, editors, and writing resources. I'll share my journey on how I wrote this book and hope to eliminate some of those mistakes going forward. Perhaps spare budding authors some of the frustrations I felt. Then I'll also sprinkle in the little pleasures of my life living and writing in Colorado. Like skiing the blues at Vail, the joy of grandkids on a mountain lake, sports injuries, or maybe even things for fun, like my favorite culinary delight– Mexican food.

But I'll begin with this one rule for anyone serious about becoming an author.


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