Hello. Hello. Hello.

Author Chet Baker

Welcome to my creative writings. A little edgy, sometimes obscene, and maybe a bit gritty, dark and shadowy with psychological distemper.  Not always do endings end cheerfully. Neither do many of my stories.  But not always.

Although I write from the dark side, I live in a bright, beautiful place. A quaint little berg north of Denver, Colorado, just east of the Rocky Mountains National Park entrance, and an hour south of Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Texas-born, I grew up in an Air Force family living far and wide–from the Philippines to London and with many stops in-between. I graduated from the University of New Mexico. Thirty years later, the Vail Valley became home. I fell in love with Colorado's majesty. The perfect atmosphere to write stories that have been kicking around in my head for years. Not to mention the new ones that rush at me daily. When I'm not writing, it's grandkids, golf, pickleball, skiing, and fly fishing. 

Many thanks to you for reading. And if you like it, please spread the word.
Would love to hear from you.