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If you're curious about what to expect from my writings, imagine stories brimming with tension, plot twists, danger, and excitement. Each character is crafted with psychological depth, often harboring hidden motives or conflicting emotions that challenge assumptions to keep you guessing. Prepare for an emotionally suspenseful experience, where the psychological aspects of the narrative prompt deep contemplation about the characters' motivations and the moral implications of their actions, albeit occasionally unsettling. That's a mouthful. So enuff a that.

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I was born in Waco, TX, and raised in a military family, creating memories on bases in the Philippines, London, and Biloxi, Mississippi, where I graduated high school before embarking on a military career. My final duty assignment was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I spent over twenty years and graduated from the University of New Mexico with intentions to study Psychology, Art, and Business. Unexpectedly, my time on the UNM golf team propelled me into a career in professional golf. Following that, I navigated through various short-term roles, including sales, real estate, operations, and an executive position reporting directly to the Governor of New Mexico. However, bureaucracy did not align with my aspirations, leading me to work for myself for 12 years, building a successful business in the Midwest. Despite the success, my heart remained in the Southwest, prompting a move back, with Colorado as my choice, mainly for downhill skiing. I transitioned into executive recruitment (headhunting) for several years until the writing bug bit me. As a dreamer with fictional stories cluttering my mind, the genesis of my first book began as I wrote hundreds of résumés for clients, finding connections with the stories in my head. Years later, I wrote and published my debut novel.

My first novel, "BLOODLINE RUN," published in 2022, explores the compelling theme of Nature vs. Nurture, questioning the extent to which an individual's characteristics are shaped by genetics or family upbringing. The protagonist, Peter Longer, faces a runaway thriller besieged by his evil dual personality inherited from his despicable father's bloodline, pondering the role of God in his survival. Kirkus Reviews notes, "The faint of heart should probably stay away, but fans of dark, cerebral horror tales will likely enjoy unraveling this one."

My second novel, a "NATALIE GRACE thriller" set for release in early 2024, follows the eventful journey of Natalie Grace, a young precocious runaway, as she navigates the chaos of San Francisco, encountering a pimp, a mob boss, and a plan gone awry. Natalie, a Mensa smart yet promiscuous iconoclast, becomes a magnet for trouble, setting the stage for a thrilling narrative of escape and redemption.

My third project, "THE FABULOUS HOLLY RODDER," is in its first draft and nearing readiness for editing. This post-apocalyptic thriller, set in Colorado, unfolds as a stand-alone lost love story amid the ravages of a 2031 civil war, with an anticipated release in late 2024 or early 2025.
Reviews of my work emphasize the vivid and interesting characters that define my stories, and that is precisely my intention. I hope you enjoy reading about them and the challenges they encounter.
If you choose to purchase one of my books, I am sincerely grateful and hope you find as much enjoyment in reading it as I did in writing it. Your honest reviews are invaluable to me, as they contribute to my ongoing learning and improvement as a writer. I make it a point to read all reviews, and hearing from readers always brightens my day.

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