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Or ...Hola. Bonjour, Hallo, Kon'nichiwa, G'day, mate, and to the many friends far and wide that I can't get you all in. Apologies. But... Welcome to you all.


Glad you dropped in. 

Speaking in the 3rd person...You've found an author who appreciates edgy fiction: mystery, suspense, thrillers. Many/most using psychological elements intersecting with classic story arcs of those edge-of-your-seat dark books and their unforgettable characters.

These stories come to you from a laptop in Northern Colorado, just an hour from my neighbors in Wyoming. A half hour East of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Perfect for a guy who likes the out-of-doors. Whether it's fishing in the clear waters of rivers and lakes, playing golf in our high altitude, or banging away at Pickleball under sunny blue skies. This is where I live now. Perfect for creating stories to share with you.
Texan by birth, I grew up as an Air Force brat living in places as far and wide. London to the Philipines and many places in between. The University of New Mexico is my alma mater. I found careers in golf, various sales ventures, and three years as a bureaucrat taking direct orders from a State Governor. My final work (jobs) days ended as an executive recruiter of senior corporate executives. Now I've found my true love, which I had been dabbling in for years. Writing fiction. I love where I live, enjoy great friends, and write with passion in Colorado. What could be better for a writer?

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If you're into dark, high stakes and suspenseful character-driven stories, check out mine, beginning with my debut novel–BLOODLINE RUN on Amazon.



A taut psychological mind-bender. My follow-up novel, NATALIE GRACE, a stand-alone nail-biter coming soon!

That's not all!

I write short stories. Check out my free-stuff blog for short stories and exciting chapters that didn't make it into the published novels.

Quote of the month.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
                     - Ernest Hemingway
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Heading 5
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